a brother asked what idolatry is , to which I replied that it is covetousness…..then I expanded..

Dear brother I hope you realise that our dear brother Paul was an idolater? Read Romans 7. He said that he coveted “all manner of things”… and he was doing that whilst a Christian. He was shocked and appalled to realise that even though the law says “Thou shall not covet”, he could not stop coveting!
The conclusion was and is for all of us, that the victory is not in stopping coveting, which is IDOLATRY… the victory is in realising/seeing that you are not the one coveting. What?!?!
The crisis we find ourselves in when we try to stop sinning….is designed for us to truly find ourselves!
Paul asked desperately–Who will deliver me from this body of death/sin/coveting/idolatry!!??
God HAS done it already through Jesus Christ.
We by FAITH accept that we died on the cross in Christ, buried with Him through baptism…that old man of sin we reckon to be dead…and we by faith, reckon yourself to be a new man…even a perfect man in Christ Jesus.
The biggest idol of all that afflicts the Christian is the practice of identifying yourself as that old man still. Thinking of yourself as the one who has to stop sinning…the one who has to be perfect in all our conduct…the one who must be pleasing to God…the one who must try somehow to die….ALL that is IDOLATRY!!!
The truth is you did already die in Him, now you are alive in Him forevermore.
You are holy and blameless before him in love….you are pleasing in His sight because you are a new man….one S/spirit with Jesus.