The Law has been abolished as a means of becoming righteous. The law is for sinners not for a righteous man. The law brings us to Jesus beaten down and broken as one who cannot keep the law. Then after coming to Jesus the law is no longer over us. We are dead to that whole realm of law/old man/good and evil. Instead we are a new creature in Christ. He lives as us free from the law of sin and death. Now we are living as Him in a constant river of life…the Law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

The Law is still active ONLY for those who have not yet seen that they are not keeping it.

The confusion is because we imagine ourselves to be a separated individual who is responsible to keep Gods law…. Responsible to try hard to BE LIKE GOD…. But that is the Devil’s mindset.
When God gave the Law to Moses through an angel He revealed His character in those laws. True. The Unregenerated mind imagines it has some ability in and of itself to keep/obey those laws. It doesn’t!!
So the law Condemns the “old man” (ROM 6:6) by the fact we fail to keep it.
But that doesn’t mean we become lawless.
The Law prophesies who we are in Jesus. It tells us we love God, we have no other gods before Him, we rest in Him fully, we do not covet, we do not murder or hate, we do not steal etc etc….it prophesies and describes you and me as New Creations in Christ Jesus. How is this done?
Only by coming to see that you are a new you…and that you that you are IS CHRIST!
Gal 2:20

The new you does not try to be like God.The new you does not try to keep the Law of God. That would be going back to an imaginary world where I think I am separate from God having to try to do something.

That whole realm is imaginary! It doesn’t exist! It is sheer fantasy even though it is the whole visible world!

God is bringing an end, even as He already has done, to the world…where billions imagine themselves to be separate from Him and responsible to try hard to perform.

In that day!!

In that you will know that I AM in my Father and you are in Me and I AM in you. John 14:20

And as we awaken to know this awesome reality we rest. Those who have believed DO enter His rest…and have ceased their own works!

Religion dies in that moment… In your life..which was all imaginary anyway…you don’t have a thing called “your life “…you had the spirit of another within you, impelling you, Ephesians 2 says it was the enemy that indwelt you.

Now you are indwelt with Jesus Christ Himself! The old imposter has been vanquished, kicked out, gone.

You are Christ in you. You are one spirit with Jesus. If we’ve seen you we’ve seen Jesus! Is Jesus lawless!?

Are you?